Sea Freight

The sea freight team is integrated in the worldwide IFLN partner network and works closely with professional colleagues on location to assure the best possible solutions and rates for our customers. We provide a door-to-door service and take charge of producing the bill of lading, we act in accordance with the letter of credit as the ‘Agent of the Carrier’ or the ‘Carrier’ and we deal rapidly with the required submissions of all documents.

Ship.svg Sea-Jet – Only air freight is faster

Do you have groupage freight from China? We have weekly departures.

  • Every Saturday from Shanghai and Ningbo
  • only 36-39 days in transit up to Wiener Neudorf
  • no trans-shipment of goods in the port of arrival
  • end-to-end transport
  • in sealed containers to storage facilities in Austria
  • risk minimisation in relation to damage and losses

Our services


  • Worldwide full-container service via ports in the North and South of Europe
  • Agreements with all well-known shipping companies
  • Upstream/downstream transport in consultation with the specified journey time by truck, rail or internal waterways


  • At least 2 departures per week with groupage freight from Austria to Rotterdam or Hamburg with weekly connection for worldwide consolidated containers


  • Import via Hamburg, Rotterdam or Antwerp
  • or continuously to Vienna

SOLAS – weight verification of containers since 1 July 2016

Over the last few years, since an increasing number of fatalities and cases of serious damage to materials during trans-shipment and during sea transport have occurred as the result of incorrectly declared weights of sea containers, the maritime safety committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has extended the International Treaty of 1974 for the protection of human life at sea (SOLAS) to require that the gross weight of laden containers now needs to be verified before they are stowed on board a ship. This new, binding directive serves the safety of people, transport equipment, the environment and, last but not least, your shipment.

From which point is Verification of the Gross Mass (VGM) of sea containers a requirement?

  • Since 1 July 2016, and we are not aware of any transitional period.

Where is a VGM required?

  • For all packed containers that need to be loaded onto a sea-going ship for international maritime transport. The term containers refers to all containers named in the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers 1972). (e.g. all standard containers, tank containers, flat racks, container platforms or bulk containers as well as containers to be transported on a chassis or on a trailer).

Where is a VGM not required?

  • For empty containers, ‘Offshore Containers’ reloaded at sea and every kind of vehicle.

Who is the main party responsible?

  • The main party responsible for issuing and communicating the VGM is always the shipper, i.e. the sender. That party is responsible for communicating the VGM in sufficient time for the shipper to draw up a bill of lading for the ship.

Is a trans-shipment without VGM possible?

  • NO, trans-shipment without VGM is prohibited!

How is weight determined?

  • Two methods are used for this:
  • Method 1
    After loading and sealing the container, the shipper can weigh the loaded container.
  • Method 2
    The shipper can weigh all shipping items and load contents (including pallets, stowage, securing and packaging materials) and can then add the unladen weight of the container (tare) to that figure.
  • Method 2 is only permitted in conjunction with registration and notification in the Solas directory of the Bmvit.

How does documentation take place?

  • In the transport documents, the VGM must be identified clearly. The VGM can be part of the shipping instruction or a document in its own right, but it must be clear that the gross weight stated is a verified gross weight.
  • Without exception, the document that the VGM receives from the shipper must be signed.
  • Here, you can download a template for issuing the VGM.
  • We would also be delighted to determine the VGM for you.


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